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How I chose my major

Besides choosing to attend ECU, deciding on your major is the biggest decision you will have to make in college and, trust me, it can be nerve wracking. Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through a million different dream jobs since you were little. I’ve gone through wanting to be a pediatrician, marine biologist, FBI profiler, forensic […]

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ECU: perfect location for weekend road trips

ECU is seated in such a great location. Not only is Greenville, NC a wonderful town that fosters both education and artistic expression, but Greenville is also located not to far away from many popular places in North Carolina. As an ECU student, you will have many opportunities to be a part of weekend roadtrips to various locations throughout North […]

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Summers at ECU

Summers in the south are notoriously hot. Some days, the humidity is so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Summer days in Eastern North Carolina are also slow. We don’t rush to get where we’re going in this heat because we know we’ll get there eventually. And summers here are also filled with as many thunderstorms as you […]

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Why I Chose ECU

East Carolina University becomes home for thousands of students each year. ECU offers such a variety of majors, clubs, and events that any student can find what they are looking for here, but there is something that makes ECU stand out above all other universities. Coming from Rocky Mount, about an hour away from Greenville, ECU gave me the security of being […]

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What’s Blooming

Well, would you look at that–it’s finally spring time in Pirate Nation! All over campus construction is clearing up, temperatures are becoming bearable, trees are blossoming, people are sneezing, and new student tours are beginning to congest visitor parking lots and give lunch-goers something interesting to stare at. But apart from all of the obvious, what else does the welcoming […]

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