Multicultural and Transnational Literatures

Welcome, students of multicultural and transnational literatures.  We’re setting up this blogsite to give you the latest news concerning the concentration, advising aids, opinion, and anything else we think you might find useful.  We hope you’ll bookmark the site and find it a valuable place to visit.  More soon!

Rick Taylor,

Area Coordinator,  Multicultural and Transnational Literatures


  • I was lucky enough to be one of the grad students in the Multicultural London Study Abroad program 2010. It was the most incredible travel and educational event of my life. Walking down the streets of London, especially Edgware and Brick Lane, I was overwhelmed with the ability to relate to the characters in the novels we read prior to the trip. Dr. Taylor’s expertise in the field added so much to our class room discussions and really made us think on different and higher levels, and begin to see and understand things differently. I also felt more connected to the authors and their experiences as both immigrants and as victims of post colonial European influx and the affect this had on the indigenous peoples of our world. So this trip not only heightened my sense of awareness towards immigrants, it took me back to Dr. Arnold’s class from last fall. I can’t express enough how this program has brought out passions in me that I was unaware even existed until reading the material in the MTL classes, and if it were not for this program being offered 100% DE, there is no way I could be a part of it. Thanks to Dr. Arnold for this magnificent program, and to Dr. Taylor, for both creating this blog, and the wonders he created for his students in the London Study Abroad. I will do Study Abroad again next year – there really are no words to express what this program and Study Abroad did for me.

  • And a welcome from me too! Thanks to Rick for creating this blogspot, and I hope that everyone in the MTL programs will find it a great place to visit and share ideas.

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