Monthly Archives: July 2010

Summer into Fall

Greetings from the swelter of late July to all students and enthusiasts of multicultural and transnational literatures.  I’ve recently returned from our annual London program, which introduced twenty-three students to the culture, history, and literature of one of the most genuinely multicultural cities in the world.  It was a great privilege to read books such as Andrea Levy’s Small Island and Monica Ali’s Brick Lane with students, but also to live with them for three weeks among people from all over the world.  We were especially fortunate to be able to celebrate Refugee Week with Londoners and “citizens of the world” committed to learning about other cultures and sharing our experiences and hopes.  The opportunity to interact daily with people who came from Middle Eastern countries was especially enlightening for us.

The Department of English has a new chair, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, whom we welcome to our faculty.  We hope, without being too overbearing, to let him know what so many of you already know:  how important these MTL  programs are in our lives and educations;  what distance education can offer those for whom traditional brick-and-mortar graduate study is not accessible or feasible; how MTL is distinctive in its approach and in its educational results.  Help us share the good news!

I look forward to a challenging Fall:  working with burgeoning enrollments in our courses and programs, incorporating the global classroom into our offerings, expanding our Study Abroad programs, hiring new faculty members—much to do!  Please keep in touch, and we wish you the best as you pursue your goals and experience the transformation that lies at the heart of education.