Monthly Archives: April 2011

MELUS Conferences in 2012 and 2013

Dear MELUS Members,

I am writing to congratulate the FAU Organizing Committee on a fantastic conference in Boca Raton, FL. I also want to thank the over 250 members who participated in this year’s conference. We were delighted to have the participation of USACLALS, which is a small organization with the mission to study postcolonial literature and U.S. ethnic literature in the global context. When we did not have a location for the 2012 MELUS Conference, I approached the President of USACLALS, John Hawley, and he has generously agreed to co-host our next conference in beautiful Santa Clara. Looking ahead, we will have our 2013 MELUS conference in Pittsburgh. See you all next year.

Best regards,

Wenying Xu

President of MELUS

The poet Earl Braggs is coming

Hello all,
As you know, North Carolina poet Earl Braggs is coming to town this week for our Multicultural Reading Day. He arrives Wednesday morning and leaves Friday morning. There are two meals we hope to open up to all who wish to join Earl and others (Dutch treat.) One is lunch Wednesday at 12:30 at Winslow’s. (We have faculty meeting at 3:00.) The other is Thursday dinner at Starlight at around 7 p.m. (Note, we will have a reception and sell books directly following the reading.  If you wish to join Earl and others for either of these social occasions, please let me know no later than Tuesday evening so that I can make reservations at the restaurants.
–Professor  Julie Fay