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Destination: Belize!

Destination: Belize, Central America

Program Dates: July 7-July 22, 2012

Courses Offered: ENGL 3260/3640/4360/4530/40/7350/6370/6360/3380/3040/5780/7705; ETHN 3501/5500;
RELI 2500.003; WOST 3500/3510

Faculty:  Kirk St Amant and Seodial Frank Deena

Cost:  $2600 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, transportation, activities, and Tuition for 6 s.h.)


Global and Multicultural Discourse Studies in Belize

Anyone interested in living and studying in a global, multicultural, multiethnic, and multi-lingual society should explore the summer study abroad opportunity in Belize—a small, English Speaking country on the Caribbean Coast of Central America.  It is culturally diverse and historically rich—from the ancient Mayan sites and contemporary Mayan and Latin American and Caribbean cultures to the rich lifestyles of the African-based Garifuna.  Belize’s range of amazing natural attractions, lush tropical forests, splendid waters, majestic mountains, mysterious Maya temples, the world’s second longest and most impressive living barrier reef, three of the Caribbean’s exclusive four coral atolls and a fabulous blend of hospitable and multi-ethnic people are enough to enrich your lives and studies.  Through the examination of issues, cultures, writers and their works, social and economic situations, Belize’s marine and terrestrial ecology, biodiversity, and landscapes and environments, students will gain a unique experience in global, postcolonial, and multicultural perspective of Belize, Latin America, and the Caribbean, producing a rich and universal experience of global, intertextual, interdisciplinary, and multicultural discourse in language, history, culture, religion, literature, and travel.


ECU Students will receive three or six credit hours in one or more of the following:

ENGL 3260 African American Literature (3) (WI*) (F-OY) (FC:HU)
ENGL 3640 Literature and Religion (3) (WI*) (F-OY) (FC:HU)
ENGL 4360 World Literatures in English (3) (WI) (S-EY) (FC:HU) Formerly ENGL 3100
ENGL 4530/40 Special Topics Seminar (3,3) (WI) (F,S)
ENGL 7350 Multicultural Literatures (Seminar) (3)
ENGL 6370 Caribbean Literatures (3)
ENGL 6360 World Literatures Written in English (3)
ETHN 3501 Selected Topics in Ethnic Studies: Humanities (3) (F) (FC:HU)
ETHN 5500 Studies in Ethnicity (3)
RELI 2500.003 Religion, Culture, and Literature (3,3) (SS) (GE:HU)
WOST 3500 3510 Selected Topics in Women’s Studies (3) (GE:HU)
ENGL 3380 Writing for Business and Industry—International Focus
ENGL 3780 Technical Editing and Content Management
ENGL 3040 Introduction to Professional Writing in Global Contexts
ENGL 5780 Advanced Writing for Business and Industry—International Focus
ENGL 7705 Ethical Issues in Professional Contexts—International Focus

For more information on the 2012 Summer Study Abroad in Belize, contact Dr. Seodial Deena at (252-328-6683) or Dr. Kirk St Amant (252-737-2530)