Monthly Archives: August 2013

Civil Rights Rally in Greenville on Wednesday

On August 28, there will be 13 simultaneous rallies across North Carolina in each congressional district honoring the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. These rallies will call out the attacks on voting rights, women’s rights, our environment, and education that occurred over the recently concluded legislative session, and address how we can fight back through voter registration, education, and mobilization at the local level. Please join the eastern NC regional rally on August 28th from 5-6:30 pm at the Pitt County Courthouse at 102 3rd St in downtown Greenville.

Summer defense


Celeste Melendez successfully defended her thesis “Soul Folk, Unzipped:The Intersection of Black Studies and Contemporary Erotica” in July.  We wish Celeste continued success as she pursues further graduate study and teaching in Texas.


Outstanding Grad Student


Congratulations to Jewel Williams, who is about to begin her doctoral studies at the University of Tennessee.  Jewel successfully defended her thesis “Changing the Game: A 21st-Century Perspective on the Use of the Supernatural in Multicultural Literatures” and was recognized by the Department of English as this year’s outstanding graduate student.