Hispanic Studies Film Series Screenings

A reminder about Hispanic Studies Film series screenings. The first one is next week!

 1) Thurs. Sept. 19, 2013 / Bate 1032 @ 5:30pm

 TITLE: Blancanieves (Snow White)

Spain (2012)

1 hour, 44 min, Directed by Pablo Berge

*Introduction by Dr. Purificación Martínez


Blancanieves (Snow White) is a black-and-white, silent fantasy drama written and directed by Pablo Berger. Based on the Grimm’s fairy tale, “Snow White”, the story is set in southern Spain between 1910 and 1929. “In this elegant movie a celebrated bullfighter, Antonio Villalta (Daniel Giménez Cacho), is paralyzed in the ring on the very day his wife dies in childbirth after bearing him a daughter, Carmen (Macarena García). He marries a sadistic beauty who treats Carmen as a slave until she escapes and joins a travelling band of dwarves performing comic turns as matadors. Eventually the skills learned from her father help her become a beautiful star of the plaza de toros, thus inciting the wicked stepmother’s lethal fury. A delightful diversion” (French 2013). Blancanieves won ten Spanish Goya awards, and was Spain’s official selection for the 2013 Oscar’s. 

*Note: There are *no* horrible animal death scenes!


Website: http://blancaniev.es/?lang=en

Trailer: http://tinyurl.com/n4we2od


2) Thurs. Nov. 7, 2013 / Bate 1032 @ 5:30pm



Chile (2012)

2 Hours, Directed by Pablo Larraín

*Introduction by Dr. Angela Thompson


Set in Chile in the late 1980s NO is a Chilean drama based on Antonio Skármeta’s unpublished play El plebiscito.  After fifteen years of military dictatorship, the Chilean people are asked to vote in the national plebiscite of 1988. This key vote would determine whether General Augusto Pinochet would remain in power for another 8 years, or whether there would be an open, democratic presidential election. Thus, “No” represents a vote against Pinochet. “This witty, double-edged movie is no ordinary exercise in political cinema. It focuses on two men from the same prosperous Santiago advertising agency who work on opposite ends of the advertising campaign for the plebiscite. The middle-aged head, Lucho Guzmán (Alfredo Castro), is a decent, complacent man who happens to be a senior figure on Pinochet’s advisory council. His smartest employee, René Saavedra (Gael García Bernal), is a liberal whizz kid, who’s approached by a coalition of 16 opposition parties to head a media campaign for a ‘No’ vote” (French 2013). No won the Art Cinema Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, and was Chile’s official selection for the 2013 Oscar’s.

 Website: http://sonyclassics.com/no/

 Hispanic Film Series Website: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-cas/foreign/hispanicfilm.cfm

 Best wishes,

 Jennifer M. Valko & Alan Watts, organizers


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