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MELUS 2015

The 29th Annual MELUS Conference
Arrivals and Departures in U.S. Multi-Ethnic Literatures
April 9-12, 2015
Athens, Georgia

Keynote Speakers
Werner Sollors, Harvard University, author of Beyond Ethnicity; Ethnic ModernismNeither White Nor Black But Both and many other scholarly texts.

Cristina García, novelist, author of Dreaming in CubanThe Agüero SistersMonkey Hunting and other creative works

Natasha Trethewey, Poet Laureate of the United States, author of Thrall; the Pulitzer Prize winning Native GuardBelloq’s Ophelia and other works.

Call for Abstracts/Panel Proposals for the 2015 MELUS Conference

We all scan arrival and departure boards at airports to get a sense of future movements; for centuries, however, arrivals and departures have been critically important in a broader and more meaningful way in the lives and narratives of ethnically defined peoples. This conference will interrogate all the many interpretations of these terms, concentrating on immigration, mobility, exile, diaspora, disruptions, career moves, family separations, and family reunions; modes of transportation and their depictions, be it boats, ferries, horse or mule drawn wagons, airplanes, or spaceships; scenes of arrival and departure; births; deaths; upward or downward mobility; historic events that herald innovation or a farewell to past traditions.

As always, paper and panel proposals are also welcome on any aspect of the multicultural literature of the United States.

December 15, 2014

Email to To be considered for the graduate student travel award and the contingent faculty award cc: All presenters, chairs, and moderators must be members of MELUS. Membership information is available here.

About Athens
Athens, Georgia, has been ranked as one of the most beautiful and exciting college towns in the nation. Its vibrant music scene has launched groups like the B-52s and REM, from venues like the fabled Georgia Theater. Athens is also home to the Georgia Museum of Art and the Georgia Botanical Garden, which will be in bloom during the conference. The compact downtown, adjacent to the historic and charming University of Georgia campus, is chock-a-block with funky boutiques, excellent local restaurants, and historic sites. Accommodations have been reserved at hotels either in or near the beautifully appointed Classic Center, the location for the conference meetings. We will also have an opening reception on campus at the architectural masterpiece, the Jackson Street building. While all of these locations are within walking distance of each other, the campus and town are served by excellent bus systems, which make frequent stops; the campus system is free. Come experience an Athens Spring!