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Position Announcement

From: Elizabeth Moose, Dean, NC School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC, USA
Date: 23 June 2015

The NCSSM faculty position listed below will be posted tomorrow morning (Wednesday, June 24) and will be listed–at least initially–for five days (until June 30, 5 PM). We are naturally eager for potential candidates to apply as soon as possible.



CLASSIFICATION/TITLE: Instructor of Humanities

DEPARTMENT/OFFICE: Department of Humanities


POSTING DATE: June 24, 2015

CLOSING DATE: June 30, 2015, 5 p.m.

Salary commensurate with education and experience
10-Month Position
1.0 FTE

Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree in African Studies, American Studies, Global History, or Comparative Literature with ability to teach African Studies and American Studies. Expertise in Middle Eastern Studies and Global History is a plus. Applicants should have a minimum of three years’ successful teaching experience at a college, university, or a college-preparatory school. Experience in university writing programs is a plus.

Description of Work: Founded in 1980, NCSSM is a state-supported residential and online high school for students who have demonstrated exceptional talent or interest in science, mathematics, and technology. Since the School’s inception, the humanities have been an integral part of an NCSSM education. NCSSM’s Program in the Humanities includes college-level interdisciplinary courses as well as a variety of sophisticated electives. The center of our program is an American Studies course, the core experience for all juniors. American Studies doubles as the base of the NCSSM Writing Program, which emphasizes writing in context. The Department of Humanities features a content-rich curriculum that is designed to foster critical thinking and writing-as-reasoning.

This is a full-time, ten-month appointment in the Department of Humanities, with full benefits through the State of North Carolina. The position reports to NCSSM’s Dean of Humanities.

Major duties for this position include the following: teaching African Studies and team-teaching American Studies in NCSSM’s residential program, with the possibility in future years of teaching courses on North Africa and the Middle East. Humanities Faculty are responsible for developing and teaching innovative and engaging humanities curricula, with a focus on interdisciplinary studies, in NCSSM’s residential and/or highly interactive online and video-conferencing programs. Faculty should thus plan on playing an enthusiastic role in ongoing, collegial conversations about ideas, goals, pedagogical methods, and authentic assessment, within a collaborative teaching and learning environment.

General Duties Include: Develop and communicate to students clear course objectives and goals; plan and develop an instructional program that helps students assimilate specific course content and skills; hold tutorial sessions as outlined by the department; regularly monitor and evaluate students’ progress, providing them with resources and feedback on their performance; structure and manage an environment conducive to learning; model for students responsibility to self and others; follow the School’s philosophy, policies, and procedures; serve as academic advisor to a small group of students (beginning in the second year of employment); serve as a Mini-Term sponsor; attend departmental, faculty, and staff meetings; serve on departmental, faculty, and school-based standing committees; write recommendations for as many as 15 students each year, as requested; participate in professional development and personal intellectual growth activities. Participate in one or more of the following activities: provide information, service, and expertise to other schools and organizations; assist students on special projects, independent and individual study, and seminar-based studies; participate in the admissions process by recruiting, selecting, and advising prospective students; participate in NCSSM alumni activities; provide assistance for school-sponsored programs and extracurricular activities.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: NCSSM is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the humanities. Applicants should have a wide-ranging knowledge of literature and its cultural and historical contexts, a passion for teaching and learning, and a love of ideas, combined with a willingness to act as a mentor and guide for students-both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Applicants should have an interest in team-teaching as well as online teaching. Applicants should have a proven record of excellence and the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with all members of the NCSSM community. Applicants should be dedicated to continual growth, both as teachers and learners. Since NCSSM is both a residential and online high school, faculty and staff are expected to participate in the intellectual, cultural, emotional, and social growth of students-responsibilities that transcend a traditional high school or college teaching schedule. Applicants should thus have the commitment, energy, and stamina to participate actively in the multi-dimensional life of the NCSSM community.

How to Apply: Submit an electronic application via: Please create an account, search for the Instructor of Humanities vacancy, and complete/submit an online application.