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MELUS 2018 Theme: “TransCulture”

May 3-6, 2018, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Proposal Deadline: November 15, 2017

Call for Proposals:

Las Vegas is a transcultural city, rich in racial and ethnic diversity, and UNLV has recently been ranked as the second most diverse college campus in the nation. As one of the last major US metropolitan areas built from the ground up in the twentieth-century, Las Vegas is also a transformative and transient city in the American Southwest, where issues of mobility are constantly negotiated and identities are reimagined.

We welcome proposals for individual papers and panels on, but not limited to, the broad spectrum of transcultural issues in multi-ethnic literature. Considering the concept of “trans” as relating to that which moves across, beyond, or through, or which enacts a change, topics might include the following:

Transamerican and hemispheric collaborations and tensions in multi-ethnic texts
Transnational and transhistorical dimensions of the multi-ethnic West
Transformative landscapes and spaces, including, among others, deserts, cities, highways, and borderlands, and in relation to issues of indigenous sovereignty and land claims
Transience and permanence in migrant, immigrant, refugee, and diasporic experience, and in the context of debates about citizenship and borders
Transgender and LGBQ identities and experience in multi-ethnic literature and culture
Transcultural literary representations of popular culture and the entertainment industry
Transvestism, performativity, and spectacles of gender and sexuality
Transportation, transit, and mobility in the multi-ethnic West
Transatlantic routes, identities, and experiences in multi-ethnic literature, including economic and technological considerations
Transformations in the definitions, status, and criticism of multi-ethnic US literature, and in relation to indigenous and national literary traditions
Translation and multilingualism in multi-ethnic texts
Transversing, transgressing, and experimenting with forms and genres, including, but not limited to, film, graphic narratives, spoken word poetry, and multi-genre works

Please send you proposals by email to Of course, we also welcome proposals on all aspects of multi-ethnic US literature. More information about housing and guest speakers will be available soon. Please contact Gary Totten ( with any questions. We hope to see you in Vegas in 2018!