18 hours for community college teaching?

Many students who earn the MTL Certificate are also interested in completing the 18 semester hours in English required for teaching a subject area in a community college. While enrolled as a certificate student, you may take additional hours to meet this requirement, but you will want to wait until the semester that you are completing all the hours you want to take before applying to receive the Certificate. You may take those additional 6 s.h. in MTL courses (e.g. any of the literature courses listed for the Certificate, 7005 Bibliography and Methods, 7070 Literary Theory, 7080 Cultural Studies Theory and Method, or 7465 Folklore), but you may also branch out into other areas to broaden your experience. For example, ENGL 7525 Language and Society or 7950 Issues in Teaching Composition are courses taught frequently online that students have found especially compatible with MTL courses. You can also select from a large number of Technical and Professional Communication and Teaching English as a Second Language courses. Some students have also opted to complete the 9 s.h. TESOL Certificate in addition to the MTL Certificate, for a total of 21 hours.


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