What our students say about us

“East Carolina University’s Multicultural and Transnational Literature concentration has given me the opportunity to enrich my understanding of cultures and writings from around the world under the guidance of devoted, knowledgeable professors. The ability to complete my Master’s degree from the comforts of my own home while working full time and raising a family certainly makes it possible for me to achieve my personal, educational, and professional goals.”–Ruth Anne Holton Johnson

“Initially, I was introduced to the study of diverse literatures in classes instructed by Dr. Taylor and Dr. Deena as an undergraduate. Both professors cultivated non-threatening environments that encouraged invigorating discussions. That translated into positive learning experiences for me and greatly influenced my decision to apply to the MTL Certificate program.

The MTL certificate program has been serendipitous in my Master’s study of rhetoric and composition. The curriculum and instruction have provided me with a foundation that supports me in teaching writing to diverse populations and researching issues of difference related to my concentration.”–Celestine Davis

“As a high school teacher, the Graduate MTL distance program fits my busy schedule and allows me to work online with a diverse group of scholars and professors. Although I do not meet face to face with my classmates and professors, I feel very much a part of an open-minded and responsive learning community. The professors facilitate engaging discussions, and the texts we read are extremely relevant to current events and global issues.”–Alison Lawhorne

“Enrolling as a DE student in the ECU Graduate MTL program is the best decision I have ever made.  I am a full time student, and a full time working mother, and when life decided to add to the chaos, I felt like giving up, and I am so grateful I didn’t, and I have the faculty to thank for that.  The faculty in the English department at ECU is the best.  The professors are all more than willing to help when everything seems to be going wrong because they understand the difficulties DE students continually struggle with, and as a DE student in the Graduate MTL program at ECU you will learn to understand and appreciate multicultural literature using the same holistic philosophy.” –Azure Welch

“I chose to pursue the Certificate in Multicultural Literature for several reasons.  First, I have always loved world literature, and I saw this as a great opportunity to expand my repertoire.  Second, I needed a program that I could pursue exclusively online.  The course offerings are excellent, and the outstanding ECU faculty provides top instruction that is convenient for individuals who work full-time like I do.  Last, I wanted to complete at least 18 semester hours in graduate-level English courses to add to the masters degree I already have.  I completed my first masters in Adult Education from ECU in 1998.  Therefore, ECU was a natural choice for me in my new endeavors.”–Robin Owens Latham

“ECU’s MTL program allows students to travel the world—figuratively and literally. Along the journey, weaving in and out of canons and marginalization, one discovers a profound respect, curiosity, and heartfelt connection to voices traversing the globe. For inquisitive minds and people seeking a multi-disciplinary adventure unlike any other, ECU’s MTL program is the perfect option.”-Jeremy Burris

“The Online MA in English, with a Concentration in Multicultural and Transnational Literatures, is a great program for me.  The material truly broadens my understanding of American Literature and of World Literature in English.  More importantly, it gives me the freedom to study on my own schedule.  I am able to adjust to the needs of my busy family and professional life.  I am even able to continue my volunteer work within my community.”–Jefferson Fortner

“I am in my fourth semester of the MA in English MTL program; my entire course of study has been online since I live over four hours away from campus.  Being able to continue my education this way has meant all the difference to my family because I am able to let my children continue with their own schooling and keep teaching part time at Mitchell Community College.

I am particularly interested in Caribbean and Latin American literature since I grew up half in Belize and half in the United States. In fact, I first heard about this program while I was living in Belize. While my concentration is Multicultural and Transnational Literatures, I am also doing a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, TESOL.  These courses are a good complement to my MTL courses, relevant to my prior teaching experiences in Belize, and extremely useful in my classrooms here in North Carolina as our student body becomes increasingly diverse.

I look forward to each new semester, new classes and “meeting” new instructors and students at our virtual version of ECU.  The DE students are as welcomed and supported as the on-campus students;   faculty of the English department respond almost immediately to any concerns or questions and you are free to drop into their “office hours,” or call them on the phone or skype just as you would access them on campus.

I highly recommend the English Department at ECU to any student who wants to explore literature written in English by both American and international authors and be guided through that exploration by top notch instructors and dedicated fellow students.”–Karla Heusner Wiles

“The English online MA Program in MTL has been a lifesaver! I have been able to work and go back to school to further my education to benefit my students and my career. Thank You, I truly couldn’t have done it
without you!!”–Anjanette Porter

“I chose MTL because I was an English major in undergrad, and because in teaching World Literature at the high school level, my interest in multicultural literature peaked, and as i  began work on my Masters, it was incredibly wonderful that the entire program was DE.  This program has ignited passions in me that I did not know exist.  It has truly been an exciting and eye-opening program for me.”–Jeannine Haigler

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