Technology and Computer Science — UDP1

Benefits of Green Roofing, Camille Mauban, Riley Murphy, Paul Pritchett, Anthony Undag

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4 thoughts on “Technology and Computer Science — UDP1

  1. pritchettp08

    ECU should consider our idea. Although we did get the actual roof plan of the Murphy Center, we did not do a working model to test this idea, but we would definitely like too. To test the idea, we would need to make sure the roof is suitable for a green roof. Making sure the roof is strong enough to hold the load is the most important, and if not, what we could do most efficiently to make it work. Also, we would need to research specific vegetation suitable for Eastern NC. We tried to, but we couldn’t find that information and Dr. Behm did not know as well. Thanks for taking the time to look at our poster, we hope ECU considers our idea!

  2. kaind

    Hi all–

    The big question I have is whether ECU is going to consider your idea. One other question–did you, or would you, do a working model to test the idea? What would be involved in that?

    You all really took good advantage of the electronic format by including links to additional informaiton. That was quite useful. At the same time, I didn’t have to go beyond the poster to understand the concept and to see the plan for the project. That was important.

    Thank you for including the comprehensive list of resources that you on the second page of the poster. If this were an “in person” poster, I would have liked that as a hand out.

    Good job and thank you for participating!

  3. sandersj

    Very effective use of links to provide additional information on the topics presented. Work on the grammar shown on the poster to insure that it is correct and that your statements are clearly understood. Well done.

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