Technology and Computer Science — UDP2

Computer Recognition of Cancer Names, Samuel Scott, Dr. Qin Ding, Boya Xie

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3 thoughts on “Technology and Computer Science — UDP2

  1. kaind

    Hi Samuel–

    I had similar questions to Dr. Sanders’. I assumed that you were describing a program that you had developed, which is a great undertaking, so it would be useful to make that clear in the poster. I would also have been interested in what kind of programming you used. Thank you for providing that infomraiton in your responses here. What I liked about description of the program is that it seems very usable–someone with little experience could learn it quickly. While the program development is certainly far from simple, it will be great for users if the program itself is. In most of the poster you indicated that the program looks for cancer names, so I got that. ( A list of more example stop and trigger words would have been informative.) Under “Future Direction,” however, you called it a “cancer recognition program,” which would be something completely different. You have to be careful about that since the program doesn’t recognize actual cancer.

    Good luck with your project and thank you for letting us see something of the work you’re involved in. I’m sure that there are other potential applications for what you’re doing.

  2. scotts08

    Dr. Sanders,

    Thank you for your comments. Please allow me address your concerns:

    Firstly, I appreciate the feedback about the poster contents and design. I did try to show what I have been doing without being to text heavy, thus losing reader interest of the poster. I agree with you that I should have better explained how I am achieving my purpose through the design of a computer program. I understand a poster presentation should quickly, yet completely display the research, and I will keep your views in mind in the future.

    I am not sure if you wanted answers to your questions now, or if you just wished that the answers to your questions were included in the poster. However, to be complete:

    • microRNA is a molecule for life, similar to a DNA molecule. Scientists have found that microRNA has links to cancer.
    • My program, a cancer name finder, can search cancer publications and document all of the known different cancer names. This can then be combined to an existing microRNA finder program equivalent to what I am doing with cancer, and then comparisons can be made against the two. The results of the comparisons are then published in a database where researchers can quickly see them, rather than look through an infinite number of cancer research papers themselves.
    • I am creating my program using the Java programming language, and both Eclipse and NetBeans for my integrated development environment.
    • I am using fuzzy logic to determine cancer names. This tries to simulate the same reasoning of humans, and thus can accurately tell cancers names based on semantics and significance. I am using the “trigger” words and “stop” words to serve this purpose.

    Thank you very much for your constructive criticism. It is greatly appreciated!

  3. sandersj

    You didn’t present enough information for me to quickly understand your poster. The topic that you are presenting should be clearly displayed. Explain that the intent of the poster is to present a computer program to serve the function explained in the “Purpose”. My initial impression was that you had submitted a poster prior to correcting the errors. You didn’t explain what micorRNA is. You didn’t clearly explain the benefits of this computer program. Briefly explain the computer logic and software used. Organize the material presented in such a way that the reader will clearly understand the direction of flow of the material, i.e. read along a horizontal or vertical path.

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