April 2011 Technology Digest

Thank you for completing our survey

Thank you to those Pirates who volunteered their time to complete this year’s technology survey. It is this feedback that guides technology direction at ECU. With your collaboration, ITCS provides the appropriate tools and resources so students, faculty and staff succeed.

This year’s $50 gift certificate drawing winner is Chris Morgan, Technology Systems, TECS. Congratulations, Chris — yes, you really did win!

How-to Help Just a Click Away

Are you more comfortable learning in a group setting? How about at your own pace through e-learning? Or do you “get it” when someone guides you through a process step by step? Whatever your learning style, we’ve got you covered:

Right Answers Knowledgebase

Need a just-in-time quick fix? Search the Right Answers Knowledgebase for software, hardware, troubleshooting and FAQs.

Face-to-Face Group Training

OneStop – Banner, Bloodborne Pathogens and Tuberculosis Awareness, I-9 Process, PORT Purchasing and Approval and more.

ITCS Training Calendar – Blackboard, Camtasia, Centra, CommonSpot, Videoconferencing, WordPress blogs and more.

New Mobile? Outlook Live Setup Instructions

ECU’s network supports many of the most popular mobile devices available. The links below navigate to instructions for setting a device to access your Outlook Live e-mail.

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile
  • Need Help? Call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866/1.800.340.7081

    Downtime Notifications Posted on ITCS Home

    ITCS is no longer sending e-mail notifications for the “normal maintenance window” downtime on Sunday mornings (5:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon), although ECU students will continue to receive e-mail notifications for emergency downtimes and other important announcements.

    However, all notifications, including systems scheduled for Sunday maintenance, are still found on the following Web pages:

  • ITCS Home Page
  • IT Help Desk
  • Technology Services
  • Banner Scheduled Downtime
  • ITCS Notices Page
  • Subscribe to the Notifications RSS Feed

    To have downtime notifications automatically forwarded to you, subscribe to Notifications using RSS.

    1. Open the ECU Feed page in Firefox browser.
    2. Click the orange RSS icon to the far left of the ECU Help Desk Notifications feed. The “Notifications” feed page opens.
    3. At the top of the screen, click the drop-down menu.
    4. Choose the option you want.
    5. Click the “Subscribe Now” button

    A Firefox Live Bookmark is added to the toolbar.

    Internet Explorer
    1. Open the ECU Feed page in Internet Explorer.
    2. Click the orange RSS icon to the far left of the ECU Help Desk Notifications feed. The “Notifications” feed page opens.
    3. At the top of the screen, click the “Subscribe to this feed” link. A dialog box opens.
    4. Choose your options and click the “Subscribe” button.
    5. New notices appear in the Favorites folder on the “Feeds” tab.

    For further information on RSS feeds, search the ECU Right Answers Knowledgebase.

    Office 2010 and More From the Student Store

    Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Windows) and Office 2011 (Mac) are available for student purchase at an educational discount from Dowdy Student Stores through the Student Select License Agreement.

    Available Microsoft Products:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Student License
  • Microsoft Office Mac 2011
  • Available Adobe and Apple Products:
  • iWork 09
  • Apple OS X 10.6
  • Snow Leopard Upgrade
  • Apple Final Cut Studio HD Academic
  • Adobe CS5 Design Premium Mac
  • Adobe CS5 Design Premium Windows
  • Adobe CS5 Photoshop Extended Mac
  • Adobe CS5 Photoshop Extended Win
  • Visit the Student Stores website or stop by in person for the latest pricing.

    If you’re not in the market for new software, note that most of these software suites are available through the Student Computer Labs and the Virtual Computing Lab.

    Windows 7: a Few Differences, a Lot of Convenience

    Windows 7’s snazzy new look features greater multimedia support and a much-improved search function. In the “Start” menu you’ll also notice new gadgets like the snipping tool and sticky notes.

    Library Organization

    One powerful feature that may at first seem a bit confusing is the concept of “Libraries.” Rather than viewing the “My Documents” folder which only shows the files stored on your computer, a library compiles a list of links to files you may have stored in multiple folders or drives. The convenience of this feature is that YOU choose which folders and drives are aggregated and how the links are sorted.

    For example, you may have class project documents stored on your computer, your Piratedrive folder and an external hard drive (three different locations). By creating a library, you can compile a list of all these files and sort them by date, A-Z order and more. This Microsoft introduction video, Windows 7 Libraries, explains how to start using this powerful organizational tool.

    Home Computers

    Windows 7 Home Premium is available for student purchase at an educational discount from the Dowdy Student Stores through the Microsoft Student Select License Agreement.

    For the most recent pricing, see the website or visit the computer department in Dowdy.

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