Faculty/Staff Mobile Email Setup Now Requires Device Passcode

Do you check your ECU email through a mobile device?

Accessing ECU email through your mobile device now requires a passcode for that device effective Friday, August 1, 2014.  This means the device will lock when it is not in use. After August 1st, users will be unable to sync their email to their phone or tablet until the passcode is set.

There are some real advantages to implementing a passcode for a mobile device, such as:

  1. Information protection – for both your personal and ECU information
  2. Automatic device encryption for iOS devices – Android requires a few more steps
  3. Piratemail management – Users can remotely wipe their device through Piratemail if it is lost or stolen

Don’t want to use a passcode?

If you choose not to set up a passcode, your device will no longer sync with the Exchange server after August 1st. However, you’ll still have the option of checking ECU email through your mobile browser at piratemail.ecu.edu. This way, no mail items will be saved on your device.

Need to know how to set up a passcode?

Android: Open the Settings screen, tap Security, tap Screen Lock, tap PIN or Password, and set up a new PIN or password. Swipe, gestures, etc., don’t work – numeric/alphanumeric PIN or password only.

iOS: Open Settings, tap Passcode, tap the digits you want to use.

Windows: Start > Settings > Personal tab, and then click Lock.

If you already have a passcode set up for your device, you need not take any action.

Remember: our network is only as strong as its weakest link. By implementing passcodes for mobile devices, users make our collective information more secure.

Have questions?

Call the IT Help Desk 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081. To learn more about mobile device security, visit the FCC Smartphone security page.

CrashPlan Backup Utility Makes Lost Data a Thing of the Past

Computer crashes and accidental deletions happen. But lost data is a thing of the past with CrashPlan backup utility. Easy to download and easy to configure, CrashPlan works in the background for continuous file backups on both Mac and Windows. It even offers previous versions of each file in the event a file is restored. Features include:

  • Windows and Mac availability
  • Unlimited online storage
  • Minute-by-minute backups
  • 448-bit file encryption
  • Online, email and phone support
  • Mobile app to view files
  • File restore through Web browser
  • Real-time dashboard reporting

Request Process for Departments

Licensed by ECU, this application is available to ECU departments for an annual license fee of $83 per user. Users can install CrashPlan on up to four ECU-owned computers.

After the payment process is complete (FOAP required), users download the desktop app through the ECU Download Center. Departments are contacted each March for renewal.

Visit the CrashPlan website for more details on security, how-to instructions and vendor support.