Services and Resources for IT Accessibility at ECU

East Carolina University is committed to providing technology and educational resources, such as applications, computer labs, learning platforms, web pages and multimedia content, that comply with accessibility standards so all users can fully participate in our mission of learning, service and research.

By establishing an accessibility and compliance program and keeping up to date with current trends in educational technology and web development, ECU is addressing needs to ensure access.

The Department for Disability Support Services and ITCS have worked in partnership to research standard practices and compliance resources which we present here to assist you in creating accessible content.



While ensuring IT accessibility at ECU is a process, we have divided it into categories for your convenience:

  1. Web Publishing Standards
  2. Software Reviews
  3. Accessible Course Content
  4. Accessible Email Announcements
  5. Video Captioning Requirements

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Phillip White to schedule an IT Accessibility Consultation or contact the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081.

Creating Accessible Email and Event Announcements

Email announcements help us spread the word to the ECU community on all sorts of important topics: department events and seminars, office openings and closings, HR-related information and much more.

By designing email announcements in multiple formats and using these accessibility guides: create-accessible-email-and-event-announcements, you allow those of your audience using screen readers and keyboard-only access to read your message.

In addition to the Word document linked above, ITCS is also offering a training class specifically for those of us who write email announcements (registration in Cornerstone):

Creating Accessible Email Messages and Announcements

Thursday, January 26 | Joyner East 204 | 1:00p – 2:00p

Need one-on-one help?

Submit the IT Accessibility Consultation form to request an appointment with the ITCS accessibility coordinator.

Self-paced resources

Convenient because you pick the time and place, resources include this course, Creating Accessible Microsoft Office Documents. This course goes step-by-step through how to format documents using styles, the accessibility checker and more.

Additionally, see our other accessibility resources in the IT Accessibility category of the ITCS services catalog.

OneDrive for Business (OD4B) Cloud Storage

Sent Friday, January 6, 2017

Store | Sync | Create | Collaborate

As part of your ECU Office 365 subscription, OneDrive for Business (OD4B) is a 1TB cloud service available to store, sync and share non-sensitive data, such as academic work and information available for public consumption. It is also acceptable to conduct student/instructor collaboration using OneDrive for Business.

Note that sensitive information should be housed in a Piratedrive folder, not in OneDrive for Business or your work/personal computer. See the Piratedrive page for further guidelines and instructions.

For more information on identifying and storing sensitive data, see the sensitive data website. And, as a reminder, ECU data should never be stored external to the university network without the proper authorization. See the cloud guidelines compliance page for a full explanation.

OneDrive features include:

  • Storage – 1TB for non-sensitive files – NO HIPAA, PCI, SS# or other sensitive data (see the OneDrive vs. Piratedrive page for a list of examples)
  • Availability – access files from a work, personal or mobile device
  • Document editing – edit files within OD4B using Office programs on your computer or Office Online within OneDrive
  • Sharing – Share files or folders with ECU and non-ECU users; either read or edit permissions
  • Collaboration – Edit a file simultaneously with others. There’s only one version!
  • Sync – You choose which files automatically upload

A word about sharing files


ITCS recommends using the Email Invitation feature to share documents. This way, you have more control and know exactly who has access. Even if someone forwards your invite to another person, you must still give permission for that other person to access your file.

If you share using the Get a Link option, the link can be forwarded to anyone in the ECU tenant (our Office 365 domain with Microsoft), and those persons will have access to your file.

You have the ability to stop sharing a file at any time. For more information on sharing files, see the OneDrive FAQ page.

A word about the sync feature


Whether it’s your personal or work system, the Office 2013/2016 sync app is available from the ECU Download Center. During setup, you will choose which folders to sync.

Be aware that newer Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10, display any personal OneDrive accounts in File Explorer. However, it is easy to tell your personal/ECU accounts apart:  OneDrive – Personal | OneDrive – East Carolina University. Just make sure that any ECU files are stored in OneDrive – East Carolina University rather than your OneDrive – Personal folder.

Want to Know More?


OneDrive for Business is available to alumni, registered students and employees.

Visit the OneDrive website for general info, an FAQ and a list of learning resources. Having trouble installing OneDrive? Call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 | 800. 340.7081.

The use of OneDrive is governed by the Academic Computer Use policy ( and the University Student and Employee Use Policy (