OneStop Retires and Pirate Port Emerges

After much brainstorming, deliberation and careful curation, ITCS is now ready for the full transition to Pirate Port, ECU’s successor for the OneStop web portal.

Both sites have been open for some time with students, faculty and staff providing feedback on usability and layout.

And now, effective January 2016, OneStop officially retires and Pirate Port becomes the exclusive gateway for all the administrative and business tools you now use in OneStop.

If you’ve not done so already, log in to with your PirateID and passphrase. Want more of an introduction? See this super short introduction that outlines new features:

Pirate Port Introduction (2:18)

Click the Tools button to access all the ECU tools for which you have access.

Over the next two months, ITCS will finalize the transition of all tools to Pirate Port. In the meantime, you can work from either interface until January 2016, when OneStop will no longer be available.

For more information, visit the Pirate Port website. Have feedback? Contact Zach Loch, Director of Enterprise Information Systems,

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

When you start college, you’re taking on new responsibilities, making your own decisions and becoming part of the campus community.

This includes your online life as well.  There is an important role you play in ECU’s cyber security efforts that combines these elements of responsibility, decision-making and community.

When you log on to the campus network (or any network), your actions impact not only your devices and online persona but every other user who logs on as well.

By combining up-to-date security tools with good judgment, you and your college community are much less likely to encounter a security violation, loss of data or system problems.

How Can You Help?

During October, stay tuned for weekly tips you can implement easily and immediately to become a more secure ECU network citizen. 2015’s focus includes:

Keeping a Clean


·   Keep security software current

·   Automate software updates

·   Protect all devices that connect to the Internet

·   Plug/ scan USBs and other external devices

Protecting Personal


·   Secure your accounts

·   Make passwords long and strong

·   Practice unique account/unique password

·   Own your online presence

Connecting with Care

·   When in doubt, throw it out

·   Get savvy about WiFi hotspots

·   Protect your $$

Being Web Wise

·   Stay current with online safety

·   Think before you act

·   Back it up

Becoming a Good Online


·   Safer for me, more secure for all

·   Practice the golden rule for social media

·   Help authorities fight cyber crime