Service Request System Update Goes Live Monday, May 9th!

Beginning Monday, May 9, sports a brand new interface – lean and organized with the same quick turnaround time that you’re used to.

The new service request home page also includes a quick way to check the status of your submitted requests, a new student/employee Getting Started guide and contacts for the IT Help Desk when you need to speak to a live technician.

Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Category

We’ve implemented a service catalog organized by category. Just click the category that is the closest match to your request and log in with your PirateID to open the list of services.
Don’t see what you need? Once you log in, access the Services A-Z link in the top menu bar. And you always have the option to enter a general request or contact the IT Help Desk.

Choose Your Service

Once you click a service catalog category, the entry list opens. Click the entry you need, and the entry opens to a description. From the entry, you can always click a link in the breadcrumb menu at the top to go back to the category or the service catalog. The entry title and description help you decide if this is the correct entry for you. Lastly, click the topmost button from the list on the right to open the request form.

Submit Your Request

Complete the form and click the Request button. You’re done! You receive an acknowledgement email with your ticket number.

Every service request has a service level agreement (SLA) that determines the resolution time. You can check the progress of your ticket at any time by clicking the My Submitted Tickets button on the service request system home page.

We Do The Rest

Just as ECU is committed to its students and community, ITCS is committed to providing prompt assistance and personalized attention to users. Want to see how we intend to continue this promise? Get a sneak peek through this demonstration video.

Happy 2016, Pirates!

Technology services and resources for students

Whether you need to create a Web site, store course files in a secure location, learn more about Microsoft Word or Excel to complete a project, or search for a campus computer lab in which to work – ITCS is here for you!

Please take a few moments to review these valuable technology services and resources!

PIRATE TECHS Student Computing Support Center

Pirate Techs (formerly ACE) is where currently enrolled East Carolina University students can go for FREE, walk-in technology assistance.More information can be found at

FREE Windows Operating System download

Enrolled students are eligible for a FREE Windows operating system download through the Kivuto Web store. Log in to the Kivuto Solutions Web store and choose from one of three products: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. This full license is yours to keep, even after graduation!

The Kivuto OS download is an ISO files which must first be saved to DVD and then installed on your computer. Need help? Visit the Pirate Techs office on your campus or call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081.

DVD media can also be ordered during initial download (student pays shipping). Orders are accessible (available for download) for 31 days past the original order date. Students can also pay a $4.95 Extended Access Guarantee to keep the order open for 24 months.
NOTE: Orders older than 31 days are archived. To re-open an archived order for another 60 days is an $11.95 charge to the student.

ECU Mobile App  ̶̶̶  ECU in the palm of your hand

ECU Mobile helps you stay connected to East Carolina University from wherever you are, on or off campus. Use ECU Mobile to find anyone in the campus directory and get in touch instantly, stay-in-the-loop with the latest campus news, check grades, courses, and Hold Tags.

Download available from the iTunes Store and Android Market on Google Play.

IT AccessibilityECU is committed to providing accessible technology and educational resources for the university community.

For information about accessible learning platforms, visit

Information about assistive technologies at ECU is found on the Department of Disability Support Services Web site:

Print Management System for students
An annual print allowance—designated from student technology fees—is attached to each enrolled student’s PirateID and distributed as follows:

$10 – fall semester

$10 – spring semester

$2.50 – SSI and/or 11-week

$2.50 – SSII and/or 11-week

This equates to 1,250 b/w copies ($0.02 per sheet), 250 color copies ($0.10 per sheet) and $0.10 per square foot for specialty printing.

If a student uses all the ECU print allotment, personal funds can be added using a debit or credit card at

Any leftover print balances from fall roll over to spring semester with any spring balance rolling over to summer. All unused ECU allotment is lost each fall when accounts are reset.

Personal funds are available in the account until 1) they are used, or 2) the student leaves ECU. However, once a student is no longer at ECU, any remaining balance is lost, including personal funds, with no refund to the student. Cash options for printing in computer labs is not available.

If you have questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 328.9866 or More information, including an FAQ, can be found at the Pirate Print Web site.

NOTE: ECU employees can no longer print in computer labs but do have access to the printers in both Laupus and Joyner libraries. Fees are as follows:

Laupus Library Print Fees

cash/debit/credit ($5 card minimum)

Joyner Library Print Fees

cash/debit/credit (no minimum)

black/white: $0.02 per page black/white: $0.02 per page
color: $0.10 per page color: $0.10 per page
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