Employees Have Library Print Option

As you know, ECU is implementing a print management system for students effective Tuesday, August 18, where each student is awarded a print allotment for printing school-related work.  Since these print allotments are budgeted from student technology fees, one consequence of this program is that faculty and staff will no longer be able to print in computer labs.

For most staff, this will not be a problem.  However, one unintended consequence is that some employees, especially those who don’t have everyday access to a printer—facilities services and housekeeping employees, for example—will occasionally require a printed copy of paperwork like W2 forms, check stubs and the like.

While most departments will certainly make arrangements for the printing of work-related paperwork, when this is not possible, employees have the option of printing in both Joyner and Laupus libraries.

Laupus Library Print Fees

Cash/debit/credit ($5 card minimum)

Joyner Library Print Fees

cash/debit/credit (no minimum)

black/white: $0.02 per page black/white: $0.02 per page
color: $0.10 per page color: $0.10 per page

While we know this is a change to a long-standing routine, we thank you for helping employees know that the library printing option exists.

For more information on the print management system, including an FAQ, visit the Pirate Print website.

Print Management System for Students

Beginning August 1st, ECU will implement a print management system for student printing in computer labs. A yearly print quota of $25 will be attached to each student’s PirateID and distributed at the beginning of each semester as follows:

$10 – fall semester

$10 – spring semester

$5 – summer sessions

This equates to 1250 b/w copies ($0.02 per sheet) OR 250 color copies ($0.10 per sheet) and $0.10 per square foot for specialty printing. Only student accounts will be able to access printers in student computer labs (see FAQ for exceptions). There will be two ways to check a student balance:

  • When a student logs in to a lab computer, a pop-up window shows the account balance and,
  • If a student logs in to http://pirateprint.ecu.edu, the current balance is available along with a list of transactions and print history. You can view your print history at ecu.edu. We will not turn on the ability to add funds until August 1, 2015.

Remaining balances from fall will roll over to spring semester with any spring balance rolling over to summer. All balances are reset on August 1 with no roll over of summer quotas unless a student has added personal funds to the account using a personal credit or debit card.

Personal funds are available in the account until 1) they are used, or 2) the student leaves ECU. Once a student graduates or leaves ECU, any remaining balance is lost with no refund to the student. Students add funds with a personal debit or credit card through the http://pirateprint.ecu.edu interface. Cash options are not available.

Once a student clicks the Print button, a pop-up will provide details including the document name, number of pages and print cost. Students will have the opportunity to confirm the job before it prints. Students using plotters in special labs are charged by the square foot.

If you have questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 328.9866 or mailto:helpdesk@ecu.edu. More information can be found at the Pirate Print website.