OneStop Retires and Pirate Port Emerges

After much brainstorming, deliberation and careful curation, ITCS is now ready for the full transition to Pirate Port, ECU’s successor for the OneStop web portal.

Both sites have been open for some time with students, faculty and staff providing feedback on usability and layout.

And now, effective January 2016, OneStop officially retires and Pirate Port becomes the exclusive gateway for all the administrative and business tools you now use in OneStop.

If you’ve not done so already, log in to with your PirateID and passphrase. Want more of an introduction? See this super short introduction that outlines new features:

Pirate Port Introduction (2:18)

Click the Tools button to access all the ECU tools for which you have access.

Over the next two months, ITCS will finalize the transition of all tools to Pirate Port. In the meantime, you can work from either interface until January 2016, when OneStop will no longer be available.

For more information, visit the Pirate Port website. Have feedback? Contact Zach Loch, Director of Enterprise Information Systems,

New ITCS Website Offers User-Centered Interface

So, what do you need to do today? Finding the IT information you need is easier than ever using our new interactive website.

Category-based navigation, help resources on every page, ITCS-specific search and trending topics make our new site more useful, more powerful…more purposeful.

Visit us at or take a look at our introductory video (02:22) or match a numbered item in the list below to the screen shot.


The first thing to explore on the home page is the category section. Click a category icon and jump to a list of items for that subject. Click an item to see the specific information for an individual service. And don’t forget to try the Getting Started category and the A-Z list of all services.


From the A-Z list, filter services by IT policies, pages, training and online tutorials to narrow your options to exactly the information you need.


Type a term into the search box to locate related information only within the ITCS website rather than the entire ECU website.

Trending Searches3

Check this home page list of recently-searched topics—you may find your answer here as well.


At the bottom of every page is a “sticky menu” with support options. Scroll up or down, and the menu is always available if you need to call the Help Desk, chat with a technician or find a support service.


Need to quickly find the Cornerstone login? Click the Logins tab to find the top 20 logins for ECU.


See the latest tools and project launches from ITCS, complete with videos!

Interface10-15While our former site served us well, it is important that we deliver the best user experience, bringing more intuitive navigation and a more simplified way to discover the products and services most useful to you.

Purposeful. No confusion, just a clean, lean look that gets you from here to there in record time.