RSS How To Subscribe

Use Microsoft Outlook

Feeds look similar to e-mail messages and are stored in the RSS folder in your mailbox.

There are two ways to add a feed to the Outlook RSS folder:
1.  From the Web site, click the RSS icon. The feed page opens.  Choose Microsoft Outlook from the drop-down list.

2.  Right-click the RSS Feeds folder in your Outlook mailbox.  Choose the third option, “Add a New RSS feed…” and enter the URL from the site’s feed page.  Click “Add.”

Use Internet Explorer

If a site has an RSS feed, the feed icon in the toolbar will be orange (a gray icon indicates there is no feed for this site).

Click the icon.  The feed page opens showing the latest feeds.  Click the “subscribe to this feed” link.  The feed will be added to the Favorites Center folder in IE, or you can choose another feed reader program.

Use Firefox

The Firefox browser also allows you to manage RSS feeds by choosing a live RSS icon in the address bar.

Choose “Subscribe to RSS 2.0…” and the feed page opens.  From the “Subscribe to this feed using” drop-down menu, choose the feed reader program you prefer.

Live Bookmarks is the Firefox folder for feeds, but you can also choose Outlook, Yahoo, Google or a standalone feed reader program.