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NTLM Permissions in Firefox

October 30th, 2009
When accessing ECU Collaborate, Internet Explorer users can configure their browsers to seamlessly log them in.  It automatically passes the users Windows credentials to the browser when it detects authentication.  Firefox users always had to log in regardless.  At least I thought.
Today in one of my blog RSS feeds, I ran across a link to another blog that allows NTLM authentication in Firefox.  It requires changing the about:config in Firefox.  It is really straightforward so I won’t rehash what they have already detailed. 
The URI you’ll want to use is collab.ecu.edu for Sharepoint.  If you encounter any other sites you use that require authentication, you can add those as well delimited by commas.  It will depend on if the web site is set to integrated authentication so it still may prompt you to authenticate.
This is still only going to work for Windows users that prefer to use Firefox. 

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