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FLOSS Friday: ID3 Tag Editor

December 18th, 2009

Continuing our FLOSS Friday theme of software for audio, I have a Windows-only piece of software.  If you have a collection of MP3 files (and who doesn’t these days), you probably have many instances of music you “ripped” from CDs you own.  When you play or view these on your audio device or computer, there’s often information missing such as genre or cover art.  Many MP3 creators will add the information when you rip the CD, but sometimes this doens’t work properly for whatever reason.  What you need is an “ID3 editor”.  An ID3 editor is a piece of software that lets you edit the metadata (title, author, album, cover art, copyright date, …) relevant to the MP3 file.

I recently had a CD that didn’t want to have the data defined properly, so I looked to see what tools might be available to let you do this after the fact.  For Windows, one of the nicest and easiest is the ID3 Tag Editor from SoftPointer Inc.  You download a very small executable.  When the software is installed, you now can see and edit the MP3 data directly from within Windows Explorer (the windows that come up when you view “My Computer”).  Simply right click the file and you now have additional property tags.  One of the really nice features is that you can take an image of the album art in almost any size or format and it will convert it to the proper size for the file.  Now when you use an audio player you see the cover art instead of a generic filler image.

Again, a screenshot:

Audio Data Editing

Audio Data Editing

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