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FLOSS Friday: Task Coach

January 1st, 2010

This week I wish to explore a piece of software I regularly use.  I first discovered Task Coach because it has been packaged as Portable App.  I’m not leaving out the non-Microsoft Windows users, though.   Task Coach is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and even iPhone / iPod Touch.

It allows you to create a list or tree of tasks.  Tasks can be colorized, have start, due, completion dates, have descriptions that can be completely formatted, and can have effort tracking applied.  Effort tracking is where Task Coach lets you start and stop a virtual stopwatch and record the time spent on the task.

Here’s a screenshot showing a tree of tasks, a corresponding tree of categories for the tasks, and time tracking:

Task Coach Task Detail

Task Coach Task Detail

Tasks can have notes and file attachments, making each task a full featured container for all information related to the task.  They can be created as recurring or one time tasks, and you can set alarms which likewise can be recurring.

I use Task Coach to enter the tasks I’m working on and complete so that I can use it to generate my weekly status reports.

The nice thing about the application is that you can start using it without having to use all of the features.   As you explore menus and buttons, you can begin adding the advanced options to the tasks you record.

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