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Alternative Monspaced Fonts

January 14th, 2010

I recently found instructions for changing the console font in Windows (covers XP and Vista, haven’t tried in Windows 7).  Note that this tweak requires a regsitry change, so it’s only for those comfortable with adding registry keys.  If you don’t know what the registry is, or if you start trembling at the thought of running regedit.exe, do NOT try this on your machine.  ECU and the Tech Tips Team are not liable for failed experiements.

Background: Vista and Windows 7 have new fonts that are very nice.  If you do much web page editing, scripting, or programming, one in particular is very nice: Consolas.  You can get Consolas for XP or Mac  if you have Office 2007 installed.  You can also get Consolas if you download and install PowerPoint Viewer 2007.  If you aren’t on a Windows or Mac platform (or even if you are and want a nice visualization), it might be worth reading a comparison of the top 10 programming fonts.  In addition to those, I have come across another example named Dina.

The details of how to make the command prompt use Consolas is below:


If anyone has other fonts they like to use in their plain text editors, I’d be interested.

PS: In the spirit of fanboyism, I’ll just note that those using Linux or Mac OS can just change their terminal fonts with menu options; you don’t have to use such foolishness as a registry hack.

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