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FLOSS Friday: SilverKeeper

January 22nd, 2010

This time I’m going to visit the Mac side of the house and recommend a backup utility for Mac OSX.  The tool is freely available from LaCie and is called SilverKeeper.  As with much of the software for Mac OS X, you download a DMG file, double click the DMG to mount it, and then a window appears that directs you to drage the application to the Application Folder.  Once you do this, you’re ready to go.  On the first execution, the software scans all attached storage to determine file and space counts, makes a list of system users, and then identifies the current user running.  All of these are used to create default profiles.  The profiles allow you to specify an entire drive, all user home directories, or your current user’s home directory for the backup.  When you’re ready to make a backup, simply identify the destination disk (backups must be somewhere other than the device you’re backing up), and away it goes.

We all know the importance of backups, and LaCie’s free utility makes it so easy that you no longer have excuses to not have redundant data ever again.

SilverKeeper is freely available, but is not, strictly speaking, Free Software.  Nevertheless, it can be a valuable addition to your Mac’s set of tools and applications.

It wouldn’t be FLOSS Friday without a screen shot, so here’s the application screen shot of the week:

SilverKeeper for Mac OS X Main Window

SilverKeeper for Mac OS X Main Window

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