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FLOSS Friday: GanttProject

March 1st, 2010

When managing a complex project, many business users immediately turn to Microsoft Project for keeping track of scheduling, logistics, time lines, completion, etc.  It’s widely regarded as being powerful, but if you’re running Linux or Mac OS X, you have to use something like VMware, Parallels, or VirtualBox, or to run a copy of Windows in virtual machine or Wine to have a compatibility layer to run the software.  As an alternative, try GanttProject, which works natively on all three platforms.  As described in the GanttProject home page, you can create the various chart types and workflows that are part and parcel of software asisted project management.

There is at least one review of GanttProject that you might find useful.

Of note is that GanttProject and import and export in the Microsoft Project file format, so if you’re using a non-Windows machine you can use this completely free software to view and edit files created by others using Microsoft Project.

Normally I like to use screen shots, but the GantProject team has created a Google Docs presentation that provides a nice description of the features.


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