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FLOSS Friday: Aviary Suite

March 12th, 2010

So far, FLOSS Friday has concentrated on installable software, mostly of the multi-platform variety.  This week, we’re going to showcase something a little different: Aviary.  Aviary recently released their web-based applications for anyone to freely use.  They have an image editor (like Adobe Photoshop), vector image editor (like Adobe Illustrator), image markup (quickly crop, label, or annotate existing images from URL or local computer), screen capture, audio editor, and color editor.  All of the applications run right in your web browser, as opposed to being installed and running as standalone applications on your computer.  If you are in front of a strange computer, perhaps in a hotel’s business center, you don’t necessarily have applications to do the things you need.  A web based suite like Aviary can let you do a quick touchup of that image for your presentation and then make use of it in a web based office suite like Google Docs or Microsoft Office Live.

Try out the tools, they’ll run on any modern browser regardless of your operating system.

Here’s a video showing and describing Aviary in a more entertaining fashion than my text:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2205679&dest=-1]


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