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FLOSS Friday: Wiki in a Jar

March 26th, 2010

Visit your local bookstore, or consult your favorite search engine and you’ll find all kinds of books on keeping organized, getting more done, and enhancing your personal and professional relationships.  One way of Getting Things Done is to have a tool to help your in your task and project management.  One tool that you might have heard of is a wiki.  To better explain the concept of a wiki, see Wikis in Plain English:

One of the best known wikis, of course, is the ever-popular Wikipedia.

Now, suppose you have dabbled with Wikipedia, and want a clean simple way to rapidly make notes.  You don’t want to go through the trouble of downloading an entire web application, set up a database, try to keep a web server running, and become your own IT team just for a wiki.  Enter Wiki In a Jar.

Wiki in a Jar is an application that you run on your own PC (Windows, Mac, Linux all supported).  The name is a dual pun, in that you are running a local version of a wiki in a small environment as well as the fact that Java software is often distributed in files with an extension of .jar, routinely called “jar files”.  The distribution includes a Windows Batch file and a shell script (works in Mac and Linux/UNIX) to start the program.

Once you have the program running, you use a web browser and point it to http://localhost:3003/wiki.  Once you do that, you are accessing a web interface to your own local wiki.  You can create links (which creates new pages), you can edit the content that’s there, you can create your own tags and trees of tags to organize things, and so on.  There’s also a calendar included to allow you to do meeting and schedule management.

As usual, it’s no fun to post a description without a screenshot, so here’s the landing page of Wiki in a Jar after an initial installation:

Wiki in a Jar Initial Home Page


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