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New Sharepoint managed paths

April 9th, 2010

Cross-posted from the Sharepoint Blog:

As administrators, we are always thinking of ways to classify and name things in order to find things effeciently.  In an effort to bring some order and structure into the Sharerpoint environment, we have created a few additional managed paths. 
Great you may be thinking, what’s a managed path?  Managed paths are URLs we have defined where we can put requested sites.  For example, https://collab.ecu.edu/sites/itcs is a managed path, we have defined that sites can be created in /sites/.  My sites are a managed path, /personal/.
We have created 3 additional buckets a site can be created or migrated to:
  • cmte – Designed for University wide committee spaces
  • research – Designed for research focused site
  • grants – Designed for spaces who are working on one off or perpetual grant applications 


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