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Email enabled calendars

April 23rd, 2010

With last weekends maintenance, certain lists and libraries can receive emails.  The following lists and libraries can be email enabled in the settings menu.

  • Discussion Lists
  • Picture Libraries
  • Document Libraries
  • Calendars
  • Form Libraries
  • Announcements
  • Blogs

They all have practical uses, some more frequent than others.  The biggest winner out of the group in my opinion is email enabling a calendar.  Why you may ask?  Every site collection that is created comes with a calendar by default.  This calendar can be utilized in many ways depending on the need of the site.  It could be to list time off requests or track meetings for a committee.

By setting up an email address, this will allow you to add the email address as a recipient in the To: field and this will automagically place the meeting or event on the Sharepoint calendar.  This is especially useful when using the Connect to Outlook function in the list Actions menu.

If you’re creating a new calendar, you’ll have the option to set an incoming address if desired.  It can always be set up later.  If you specify an email address that’s already in use, you’ll receive an error that the list was created but creating the address failed.  It will have to be configured again.  To do that or set up an address after the fact, go to the calendar and select Settings, List Settings and click the Incoming email link.  Add the address and click OK and you can start sending emails to Sharepoint lists.


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