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FLOSS Friday: SkyDrive

May 14th, 2010

With ECU converting all student e-mail accounts to Outlook Live, they have access to a very nice feature of all “standard” Microsoft Live accounts, 25 gigabytes of free storage.  If you are not a student, you can sign up for a free Live account and also get the 25G.  You can connect to all users, including ECU students.  If you have a Rocketmail, MSN, or Xbox Live account, you already have an account suitable for using with the Live tools, including SkyDrive.

One of the problems with using SkyDrive compared to, say, DropBox, is that there’s only a web interface to up/download files.  There’s no appliction that makes the space look like a drive on your computer.  However, if you have a Windows machine, you can take advantage of a tip from Paul Thurrott to mount your SkyDrive.  If you prefer a less hacky solution, you can try Gladinet Cloud Desktop or SDExplorer.

Because I include a screen shot if I can, here’s a portion of my browser window showing some SkyDrive folders:

A Sample of the SkyDrive Web Interface

Besides SkyDrive, Microsoft has other features when you use your Live account, so explore the links and options.  Even if you don’t, free cloud storage of 25G is nothing to sneeze at.

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