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Web Wednesday: Bing Treasure Maps

June 9th, 2010

Many people reading this have no doubt been long time users of MapQuest, Google Maps, or Yahoo! Maps.  Microsoft has worked hard at adding features and usability to its maps application, Bing Maps.  The Microsoft mapping team has a new feature: Bing Destination Maps.  These walk you through creating a map to share via e-mail, embed in a document, or print.  There are three styles: European Style, American Style, Sketch Style, and Treasure Style.  This being ECU, there’s only one choice for your stylish destination map: Treasure Style!

One important detail: this web application requires Microsoft Silverlight, so you’ll need to download and install that to try out this application.  For the Linux desktop users out there, I don’t know if the current release of Moonlight will work.

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