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FLOSS Friday: Battle for Wesnoth

July 26th, 2010

This time on FLOSS Friday, something more light.  Today’s offering is Battle for Wesnoth, a “turn based tactical strategy game”.  For those of you not used to computer gaming terms, turn based means that players take all of their actions during their turn.  That is in contrast to real time games, where the game proceeds whether you make actions or not.  Turn based games give more time for reflection and strategy, which means that they allow for less initial frustration than a real time game where novices can be defeated quickly.

Because Battle for Wesnoth is an established and mature project (which is still being actively developed), it is available for Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and even the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Play can be against the computer or against possibly multiple human opponents on the publicly available multiplayer server.  If you don’t relish the idea of losing to twelve year olds, then you can get one of the players in your group to host a game server and only allow your friends to join.

If you like the idea of Dungeons and Dragons games, but don’t want to deal with the cost and time investment required for something like World of Warcraft, then Battle for Wesnoth is a great alternative.  It doesn’t cost anything to play, it looks nice, and if you get tired of the computer, you can venture out to the public game server.

Here’s one sample screenshot to whet your appetite:

Battle for Wesnoth v. 1.8.1

Visit the Battle for Wesnoth web site to download the software, read the documentation, and get started defeating the forces of Darkness!


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