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Google Maps Mashup Guest Lecture

April 11th, 2011

I was recently invited to speak in Dr. Anuradha Mukherji’s Urban Planning class. She is getting her students to collect data and produce a map mashup to display the data. My role as guest lecturer was to talk about mashups, map mashups, and provide information and resources for someone wanting to produce a map with no programming requirements. Here is the slide collection I showed:

As usual when I get to speak about mapping, visualization, and data analysis, I was very excited to share the resources and lessons learned.

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Web Wednesday: Google Maps, Behind the Scenes

November 11th, 2010

See the blog post over at Tony’s Tech Blog for the slides and information on the presentation made at UNC CAUSE 2010 about ECU’s experience with Google Maps.

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Web Wednesday: ECU Google Maps Linking

October 19th, 2010

The ECU Google Map gets many visits each day.  To help enhance it’s usefulness as a resource for the campus community, it has an embedded JavaScript that will open the details of a building if you have created a properly constructed link and query string.  As part of the CommonSpot Users Group meeting, I am presenting this information.  Full details are in the presentation shown below:

Note that whether you use CommonSpot, WordPress, a visual web designer such as Expression Web or Dreamweaver, or a plain text editor creating “raw” HTML, the link technique shown will work.

You can see the links in action if you do a search on the ECU E-mail and Phone Directory page.

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Campus phone directory – now with reverse lookup

July 30th, 2010

If you haven’t visited the ECU E-mail and Phone page lately, you might not be aware that we’ve released a new feature: reverse lookup.  Reverse lookup is where you take a phone number as your search term and the software returns entries corresponding to that number.  Our ECU reverse lookup searches both People and Departments.  Phone numbers can be entered using no separator, period separators, dash separators, space separator, area code included, area code excluded, parentheses around area code, and so forth.  If you attempt to use it and a phone number doesn’t work that should, drop us a line at

Remember, you can go directly to the page at: or by clicking the handy envelope icon in the ECU icon bar.

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Web Wednesday: ECU Phone Directory

December 18th, 2009

If you haven’t visited the ECU phone directory recently, please check it out.  You can get there by clicking the on the ECU home page (and many other ECU pages with toolbar icons).  We’ve added many new features, most notable of which is the new “Departments” search option.  You may type all or part of a department name to see all the department(s) that have that name.  If you’re not sure about the name, there’s an alphabetical directory so you can see all the entries that begin with that letter.  Only letters that have entries are shown, which is why you don’t see ‘Q’, ‘X’, and ‘Y’ (at least for now).  We also have a ‘1’ for the 1 Card Office entries.

There’s also now a Reverse Lookup feature.  Reverse lookup is where you know a phone number, but not who/what has that phone number.  The dedicated reverse lookup tab has a single entry box, and both the people and department directories are searched.  Numbers can be entered in any of the following ways:

  • 252-328-6131
  • 252.328.6131
  • 252 328 6131
  • 2523286131
  • 328-6131
  • 328.6131
  • 327 6131
  • 3286131
  • 6131

That’s right, even if you don’t know the prefix (327, 737, …), you can still find the department or person with that extension.  Adding the prefix will speed up your search, though.  Note that since most of our phone numbers (all people, most departments) do NOT have the 252 area code, leaving it off will not affect your search results.

In addition to the dedicated reverse number lookup, the last name and the department name fields also accept phone numbers or names, so you can use those if you want only a result for a person or department.

ECU Phone Directory Search Interface

ECU Phone Directory Search Interface

And, to earn the ‘web’ and ‘web design’ tags I’ve put on the post, I’ll just say that I’m very pleased that the ECU Phone Directory Search now earns this icon:

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