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Creating a signature with a hyperlinked image for Entourage

October 22nd, 2009
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Some users like to have email signatures with images that contin hyperlinks.  The desire is to link back to a departmental web page or perhaps a personal space.  With Outlook this is a relatively straight forward task.  For Mac Entourage users this is a bit more complex, but the functionality can exist.

In Entourage, go to Tools, Accounts… Double click on the Exchange account listed. Click on the Options tab and enter content-type in the header box and enter text\html in the value box and click OK.  This enables Entourage to send HTML emails.

Open Word.  Create a signature as you’d like it.  Save this document as a Word template.

Now when you’d like to send an email that contains your signature, open the Word template that was created.  Compose your message.  When complete, click File, Send To and select Mail Recipient (as HTML). This will send the message with the intact signature into Entourage.  Add the recipients to email and send it along.

It doesn’t give full signature support like Outlook, but does work around what appears to be an ommission of functionality in Entourage.

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