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Web Wednesday

November 4th, 2009
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This week on Web Wednesday we’re talking about setting permissions in MyWeb. If you have a website that you want to give someone else access to, it’s very simple. Here’s how:

To give someone access to your site, you can go to PiratePanel (via or, login, and select Manage Web Space. Once there, you can use the Configure Site Security to see who has access to your site. You can switch the site from private (only you can see it) to public (everyone can see it), or even to custom (you specify who can see it).

To add a specific person, select the Custom access option, and you’ll see a Custom Permissions window displayed. This lists what users have access to your site, and what level of access they have. Using this screen, you can add any Pirate ID to the access list. If you give them “Modify” access, they can access your site via PiratePanel and add/delete files. Full access will also give users the ability to manage your entire site, including the access list. This is perfect for departmental sites where many users will be making changes.

If you want to add a group to the access list, you can do it by adding the group’s “alias name”, which can be found in Outlook. Search the address book for the group (for instance, every class and section has it’s own group), and open the address book entry. On the address book entry, there will be a field called Alias name. That name is accepted into PiratePanel so you can grant access to an entire class without typing in the students individually.

You can customize your site’s security any way you wish using this screen, so try it out and see for yourself!

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Google Analytics added to ECU Blogs

October 21st, 2009
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The Google Analytics plugin has been added to ECU Blogs, so you can track visitors to your blog using your Anayltics account. Configure this option under Settings in your dashboard.