Tegrity Update | Summer 2016 | 1

Tegrity & Blackboard

Tegrity and Blackboard are separate tools. Tegrity only looks to Blackboard to determine who should have access to create or view recordings.

As a result of how Tegrity manages access to recordings, it is important to remember the following three things:

  • Faculty can access Tegrity recordings for any Blackboard course in which they are an instructor, grader, TA or etc., but students can only access recordings located in the Tegrity space associated with Blackboard course(s) in which they are enrolled. This space is accessed by clicking the Tegrity Classes link in Blackboard.
  • To provide students access to recordings that will be reused from past semesters, the recordings must be copied/moved forward each into the current semester’s Tegrity space. This a separate step from performing a Blackboard course copy.
  • If an instructor plans to use recordings created by a colleague, they must also copy those recordings into their own course’s Tegrity space.

What are the Steps to Use Tegrity Each Semester?

Step 1-Request Tegrity Classes

Submit your Tegrity request at the start of each semester. https://ecu.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/Requests/TicketRequests/TicketForm.aspx?ID=Zwm8DqhxIE4_.

Step 2-Move/Copy Recordings

If planning to use recordings from a previous semester or created by a colleague**, move or copy the recordings into your course’s Tegrity space.

**Your colleague will need to grant you instructor or TA access to the Blackboard course in which the recordings you need to copy reside. Copy do not move your colleague’s recordings.

How to Move/Copy Recordings: http://blog.ecu.edu/sites/tegrity/files/2015/01/Move-Copy.pdf

Step 3-Use the Tegrity Classes Link

As a best practice, we recommend directing students to access recordings through the Tegrity Classes link. However, if you opt to place links inside modules or folders within Blackboard content areas, those links must also be updated after completing step 2.