Tegrity Updates | Fall 2016 | 2

Tegrity Session for Students

On Wednesday, October 12 from 6:00pm-6:45pm, we will hold an online Tegrity Session for students. This session will be especially useful for students who must record using Tegrity.

WebEx Attend Link: https://ecuwebex.ecu.edu/orion/meeting/meetingInfo?MeetingKey=998009789&siteurl=ecuwebex

 Purge of 2014 Content-1st Notification

  • The data retention policy for Tegrity states that “All Tegrity course recordings will be retained, without request, for one year.”
  • On December 19, we will purge content that remains in 2014 Tegrity course areas. Tegrity is a vendor-hosted solution; once content is purged, it cannot be recovered.
  • Recordings that have been moved/copied into current courses will not be affected.

 How to Keep Recordings

To retain recordings that remain in a 2014 Tegrity course area, follow the steps at the link below and move those recordings into one of your Sandbox Course.