Tegrity Updates Spring 2017 | 1

Recording Tips

PowerPoint Animations and Slide Transitions

When creating PowerPoint presentations to be used in Tegrity recordings, use animations and slide transitions sparingly. Presentations, containing large amounts of animations and special slide transitions, can cause Tegrity to crash or may cause your recording to become corrupted.

Close Unneeded Applications

Tegrity is a resource intensive application. Close all applications that are not needed during a recording including Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business.

E-mail Notification for Recording Statuses

Instructors and students will receive automatic email alerts on the progress of a recording upload.

Question: When will I receive email alerts?
Answer: When you create and upload a Tegrity recording you will receive 2 alerts: 1) After stopping a recording and selecting Upload and 2) When the recording is available to view in your course.

Student Viewing Report

Question: Can I create a report which displays student views for my Tegrity Recordings?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to generate a report, which displays student views. See the Viewing Report Tutorial.

Student Recording & Uploading

If you are using Tegrity for Student Recording, below are some key things to remember.

Enable Student Recording.

Be sure Student Recording in enabled. See How to Enable Student Recording.

Have Students Create a Test Recording Before Their First Assignment is Due.

We recommend having students create a test recording or to upload a test video. If a student experience issues, we can assist them with troubleshooting before assignments are due. Please note that that if a student has problems, we are not always able to recover or repair a recording. Also, keep in mind that Tegrity is not recommend for creating student feedback recordings.

Invite Students to Attend a Tegrity Session for Students.

  • February 1, 6PM-7PM
  • February 16, 6PM-7PM

Details on accessing the sessions can be found at Tegrity Online Student Sessions.


Last fall, we piloted VoiceThread. One of the goals with VoiceThread was to identify a tool that provided a more stable solution for student recording and student feedback. Thus far, the response has been positive. If you would like more information about VoiceThread, please e-mail voicethread@ecu.edu.