Tegrity Updates Summer 2017 | 2

Tegrity Transition Update

The transition process is underway. We’ve transitioned some faculty who requested to do so after attending Mediasite training. We are continuing to work through our Tegrity user list and will contact you to ask which content needs to be exported from Tegrity.

Important Transition Note

As part of the transition, a small percentage of recordings will not convert. For example, recordings with poor or no audio. We will make several attempts to salvage these recordings, but there are instances when efforts will not be successful.

Student Recording

Student recording in Tegrity ends August 1.

Can I Transition for Fall 2017?

If you would like to transition for the fall 2017 semester, please e-mail tegrity@ecu.edu by August 7. We will handle these requests on a first-come-first-served basis. If you’re planning to wait to transition for spring 2018, there is no action you need to take now.

New Tegrity Transition FAQ

When are the next training sessions for VoiceThread or Mediasite?

Please check Cornerstone for upcoming sessions.

Full List of Transition FAQs

Fall Tegrity Requests

Remember to submit your Tegrity Course Request for fall 2017.