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“Search Anything”

This week’s tip is on Tegrity’s “Search Anything” technology which allows users to search for and review the exact content they need. When a key term is searched for, Tegrity shows every lecture, down to the very slide, that contains the term searched for. Students save valuable time by finding the exact information that they need without having to flip through notebooks. A search can be made through all courses containing lectures or specific lecture recordings.



You can very easily MOVE or COPY a Tegrity recording from one course to another through the Tegrity Home Page. The Move and Copy options are located under the Recording Tasks menu, underneath the Start a Recording button.

1. Select a recording(s) that you’d like to Move or Copy.

2. Select Move or Copy from the Recording Tasks drop-down menu.

3. Select a course from the list that you would like to Move or Copy to.


“Sample Showcase Videos”

In this tip we want to share with you some examples of how other instructors are using Tegrity to connect students to course content. In the first sample video on this website, Lee Gibson, a University of Louisville Calculus instructor, is recording a class in Tegrity. The students are able to see everything the instructor taught using a software graphing program on his tablet PC.

(I wish this were around when I took Calculus!)

“Adding Annotations”

This week’s tip is on “Adding Annotations”. (This feature is not yet available for Mac OS X)

The expanded toolbar displays annotation controls available for use while recording. To add annotations, you simply click on the toolbar.



There are several different options to choose from. For example, the Annotation Pen enables you to select what you draw as you move your cursor. You can even use the rectangle tool as a yellow highlighter to point out important information during the recording.

“Tegrity Mobile App”

This week’s tip is on the “Tegrity Mobile App”. Did you know that your students can view your Tegrity recordings on their iPad, iPhone, or Android device? Not only can students view recordings, but they can also add live bookmarks during class. Tegrity streams content to the Tegrity Mobile App over the air, so there’s no need for a student to first connect to a computer in order to download content. Follow this link to learn more about how to download the app,