Create Recordings

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Step 1: Minimum Computer Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Step 2: Step-by-Step Recording Basics

  1. Mac
  2. Windows
  3. Understanding Recording Statuses
    Once your recording is complete and has uploaded, it will take some time to process. The link above explains status messages mean.

Step 3: Optimize Your Browser Settings

Upon downloading the Tegrity Recorder, we recommend you make the follow adjustments to your browser so that the Tegrity recorder is allowed to run.

  • Enable Recorder in Firefox
  • Enable Recorder in Chrome

Step 4:  Manage Recordings/Uploads

  • Renaming a Recording/Upload (Only Faculty May Perform This Action)
  • Re-Upload a Recording
    If your recording fails to upload, you have the option to upload the recording again. We suggest using Method 1.

Best Practices for Recording

  1. Plug in to avoid loosing power during a recording.
  2. At least once, complete a 1-3 minute test recording to make sure everything functions properly.
  3. Use slide animations sparingly. Multiple animations on a slide can create playback issues.