Can I reorder the list of recordings?

Yes, but only by changing their date.

How do students access MP3 files if I enable that setting for my course?

On the students “class recordings” page for your course, in the bottom right there will be a headphones icon.  Clicking the icon will take the students to a page that contains a MP3 file for each recording.

Can I disable the “Ask your Instructor a Question” feature within the Student View?

No, the Ask you Instructor/Email feature cannot be disabled.  *Please note that the viewer must supply the Email address field, it is not pre-populated with an instructor email address.   The subject of the email message will contain specific text so you can filter those messages into a folder if needed.  Example, subject line “Ginny sent you a Question for Tegrity 1000”.

Can I Create a Student Viewing Report?

Yes, steps for generating a student viewing report can be found at the link below.

Generate a Student Viewing Report



How do I access Tegrity Recordings?

Tegrity Recordings are accessed within your Blackboard Course.  Courses will have a Tegrity Classes link in the left navigation panel.

How do I start viewing a recording?

Once you click the Tegrity Classes link you will open the list of recordings for your course.  Click the Title of the recording to open and playback the recording.

Why won’t my recordings play?

A problematic playback may indicate a problem with the network connection. Click the following links to run a diagnostics test: http://help.tegrity.com/kb/test-my-computer.