Tegrity Update | Summer 2017

The transition process has begun. We are exporting recordings from 2015 through Spring 2017 first.

Will My Recordings Be Removed from Tegrity?

No. Recordings will NOT be removed from Tegrity. They will be copied. You can continue using Tegrity recordings during fall 2017.

When Will My Recording be Copied?

You will receive an e-mail through the Help Desk ticketing system before we begin exporting and converting your recordings. Once we receive a response to this e-mail, we will begin work on your recordings.

Can I Continue Using Tegrity for Fall 2017?

Yes. Faculty can continue recording in Tegrity for fall 2017. However, student recording will be disabled on August 1. Also, we must establish an end date for faculty recording to allow time to download and export content for the summer and fall. We will communicate this date in our next update e-mail.

If you plan to use Tegrity for fall, submit your Tegrity Course Request.

Training Sessions

Training sessions on My Mediasite (Mediasite Desktop Recorder) and VoiceThread are available in Cornerstone. We recommend VoiceThread for instructors needing a tool for student recording. VoiceThread does not offer screen casting (recording of mouse, typing and cursor movements). This feature is available in My Mediasite.

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