Theme Life Cycle

Our goal is to offer unique, high quality themes that enhance our WordPress environment.  The Theme Life Cycle outlined below describes the process for selection, implementation, maintenance, and removal of these themes.


To request a theme, fill out the Theme Request formState the theme you are interested in and any features that are not provided by an existing theme in our environment.


All requests must meet the evaluation criteria found below.

  • If a theme is acceptable, it is added in the appropriate environment and the requestor is informed.
  • If a theme is unacceptable, the requester is informed of why it is not acceptable for our WordPress environment.


The implementation process involves testing in our development environment to ensure there are no issues and a code review for security vulnerabilities. This normally takes two to three weeks.


All themes are periodically reviewed to ensure they meet the evaluation criteria identified below. If one does not, it will be scheduled for removal according the removal process below.


If a theme needs to be removed, a scheduled removal date is set and affected site owners are notified. Normally, the removal date is set for two weeks after the notification is made. During those two weeks, a site can switch to a theme of their choosing. Any sites still using the theme at the end of two weeks is switched to the default theme. Site owners are notified of the scheduled date of removal via the following methods.

  • email is sent to all affected site owners
  • message is posted on the main page of the WordPress site
  • message is posted on the dashboard of affected blogs

Evaluation Criteria includes:

  • Works with the current version of WordPress
  • Meet our web standards
  • ADA compliant
  • Responsive design layout
  • Follows ECU branding
  • Unique look and feel that doesn’t resemble an existing theme
  • No free themes. All themes should come with support from theme developer.
  • Actively developed and maintained by the developer
  • Does not allow upload of custom JS or CSS
  • Comprehensive theme that covers all WordPress functionality and plugins.