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Hey, this is the United States of a New York minute, git ’er done right now and I’ll have fries with that.

I have sympathy for presidents of our country – every one of them has to satisfy every constituency in 45 minutes or less. Our current president has turned gaunt and gray under this pressure. Check the before and after picture of each of our modern presidents and tell me what you see?

Compared to a president, I have a micro-responsibility. However, even at this scale, I have found the need to send messages that forecast a future that is positive, and yet they must relate directly to whatever change and transition we are weathering right now.

When the president gave the State of the Union address this week, I am sure he was put to task to not only incorporate some of his own ideas, but also to adopt a stance that could predictably suit “everybody.” I’d like to know who “everybody” is in our country!

On the news, I heard one obviously distressed woman indicate that she wanted the president to tell her that she and others would be getting a job. Huh?!

Closer to our business, leaders were asked their opinions, and the “demands” were as wide-ranging as you could possibly imagine.

I heard issues of missing transparency in health care access, to way-out-there innovation. Reform of our payment system and elimination of waste; nutrition education and revamping Medicare; fixing the national debt and physician payment. All were mentioned.

One bright person said, “And it’s in everybody’s interest. We all contributed to the problem, so we all have to pull together.” Wow! That’s a revelation!

So, as we weather the storm – the fiscal cliff being one of many threats – we need to rely on the resiliency we have built up over the years as a nation and here at the Brody School of Medicine.

It’s like walking down the hallway after a trauma page, not knowing what you will find, and yet feeling confident that this is what you trained for all of your life. More importantly, there is a patient who is going to rely on you.

I like to think of each of us as missionaries. Undaunted, we will carry on.

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