This blog series is about medical matters isn’t it? So I can mention this new word that I made up without expecting too many “bless your hearts.”

The point is that, as you know, my blogs are typically prompted by current events, and, of course, my own personal perspectives. I publish them on an “as needed” p.r.n. basis.

I have talked about heroes in the past. My great privilege is to work with all of you. Embedded within our culture is an indefatigable adherence to the mission of the school, and I am incredibly encouraged by the faithful commitment that I see and experience every day. Thank you so much!

I just met a whole roomful of similar heroes this morning. Our Office of Health Access facilitated a conversation with all of the health department directors from “down east.” We asked them to come here because we wanted to know how we could best continue our many collaborations and informal interactions with them.

My clear recognition is that, spiritually, you heroes at Brody are not alone in this part of the state. These health directors appear to be the most committed and dedicated leaders you could ever meet – all personally working to benefit the citizens of our region.

One could become jealous, because you could say the health directors have co-opted our mission. I am not jealous even for a moment – this is the very best thing that could happen to us. We must invite more folks to co-opt our mission!

I have long recognized that the work of improving the health of all of the citizens in eastern North Carolina is one that cannot be accomplished through the hard work, even with the lifetime work, of us here at “the Brody.” We need partners, and the folks that I met today seem to understand the need to work together.

Over the four decades of our existence, we have developed intimate relationships with all of the various agencies, businesses and practices that serve the health of our citizens. It is our intention to continue this work together.

Yes, these folks I met today, like many of you, are representative of the “different type of heroes” that I have described before. These individuals have no issue with holding the fort and minding the store. Some days, we all are satisfied to just make things better.

By the way, all of the other health sciences deans attended the meeting as well – Dean Sylvia Brown, Dean Greg Chadwick and Dean Stephen Thomas. They are my heroes, too!

Keep up the good work.

Until next time,


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