Press, public and public relations

July 20, 2011 | Comments Off on Press, public and public relations

A few commentators have started to notice how the News Corp. hacking scandal is turning into a textbook case of contemporary public relations crisis management. The irony is that a business devoted to telling the public what is going on has hired a top PR firm to help it spin what is going on. At least one observer opines that the traditional PR/marketing approach of re-aligning public interests will not work in a Net culture that is all about aligned interests — readers and writers literally linking with each other, pursuing their own interests. In such a culture, only transparency will work, the argument runs. (Really?) But what’s “textbook” about all of this is the new ways that ideas, and news, get communicated: Start somewhere and follow the links, from “mainstream” news sites, to blogs, to Twitter feeds, to organized compilations of tweeted discussions.



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