Benvinguts! Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

shapeimage_3I currently am an assistant professor of Hispanic Studies, with a specialization in Hispanic Linguistics, at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, East Carolina University.

As part of my linguistic outreach efforts, since 2012 I have been the organizer of IMLD@ECU, a series of events aimed at promoting linguistic awareness and language diversity at the local, state, and global level.

My research endeavors are divided in two different but related areas. From a theoretical linguistics perspective, I look at the argument structure of experience predicates and their possible manifestations crosslinguistically. In my dissertation, using Romance (Catalan, Spanish) and Misumalpan (Mayangna) data, I propose a universally-available structure for experience predicates, allowing for predicates with an incorporated experience argument and predicates with a non-incorporated experience, which result in light verb constructions.

In my second line of research, as co-director of SoCIOLing (Study of Community Involvement and Outreach & Linguistics) Lab, I follow a sociolinguistic methodology. I am currently working on different projects aiming at the study of Spanish varieties in immigrant settings in the US. Also, I am interested in establishing collaborative efforts with the  community in the promotion of immigrant indigenous languages in Eastern North Carolina.